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Tantric Massage

Take your first step towards peace, love and passion...

We live in a stressful world and it seems to be only getting more and more stressful. As a result, we are all looking for ways to help calm things down and make ourselves feel better as a result. There are many ways to do this, from simply relaxing on the couch or spending time with someone we love.

However, there is a new way that is coming along in the West that is changing how people relax and it comes in the form of an Tantric/Tantra massage. This ivolves intimate massage and breathing techniques, and is helping more and more poeple discover the art of sensual massage and bring balance in their lives.

Tantric massage is something that more and more people are discovering as a way to not only relax, but to find the joys and highs of being intimate with someone they trust. In the Tantric Texts, it is specified that sex has three distinct and separate purposes; procreation, pleasure and liberation. Those who want to seek liberation must forget the orgasm for a higher form of ecstasy.

Many sexual rituals are recommended and they involve elaborate and meticulous preparations. This is because the act of Tantra involves balancing energies within the pranic ida and pingala channels of the body. During the act of tantra, the sushumna nadi is awakened and the kundalini rises within it. When this happens, everything culminates in Samadhi where the individuals are completely dissolved in the unity of cosmic consciousness.

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