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Sensual Massage for Women

Ladies take your first step towards peace, love and passion...

Sensual massage would have to be my favourite when it comes to giving a massage, it will leave you wanting in the most extraordinary way. You will leave here on a high that just doesn't go away for hours, days, maybe even weeks.

image of woman relaxing while having a massage

There are times when we feel as though there is something missing in our lives even during the times when we have achieved the pinnacle of success. In times of celebration, you want to release your joy out to the world but in this instance food and drink will just not do.

image of woman relaxing while having a massage

Finally, you may want to share an intimate experience with your partner but you just aren't sure what exactly it is that you want to do. The sensual massage can be the thing you are looking for. This may be the one thing that will solve all your problems. If it isn't then at least you felt good trying to solve your problems.

image of woman relaxing while having a massage

Sensual massage is one of the most pleasurable experiences on the planet. Imagine experiencing a degree of excitement in all five of your senses simultaneously. It is enough to overload your senses and send you to a state of well-being that you have never experienced before. Sometimes, a woman needs to give herself a way to unleash the pressures that they go through every single day and treat themselves to an experience of pleasure.

image of woman relaxing while having a massage

We live in society where self-sacrifice and delayed gratification is rewarded. It is now time to let yourself enjoy the moment and enjoy your being alive. Sensual massage can teach you that. Sometimes a sensual massage is necessary not because a person does not know how to enjoy themselves but because they know how to enjoy themselves too much.

image of woman relaxing while having a massage

The Intimacy of Sensual Massage

When you need to celebrate, drinking and eating to be merry is not an option. A sensual massage is a wonderful and effective way to relax and have fun without any hangovers, headaches, unwanted calories, or withdrawals that alcohol, binge eating or other chemicals can give in an unnatural way.

A sensual massage just targets your pleasure points and activates the endorphins that make you feel relaxed. A sensual massage can also help you feel more at ease, by de-activating and releasing tension. A sensual massage is one of the most intimate things that someone can experience. It is heightened when there is genuine affection and emotion that binds people together, by experiencing this and maybe taking some lessons, you may want to share this pleasure with your loved one.

Each stroke is lovingly made and the impact is even more appreciated. If you are the one giving, it is a great way to show your love and affection for your partner. When you give the massage, you put your whole attention on the massage. Each stroke is a testament to the value of your relationship. More so, this is a new way you can communicate with your lover, not with word but with touch.

A sensual massage is different for every person but you should not hesitate to try it at least once. This could be the answer to your problems. You have your own reasons but all you will lose is an hour and half in your life, how long a normal massage takes. If a sensual massage is for you, then you have the potential to gain more than you can ever imagine.

A sensual massage is of a sexual nature, but it isn't as subtle as the relaxation massage, it is a more invigorating experience. Then if you are comfortable enough and willing you may want it to unfold into a tantric massage to have the ultimate experience.

At Esensua you can have private Massage Classes and learn the art of touch like you never have before, or just send your partner to learn so that he can give you a wonderful sensual massage…… every night.

Otherwise come in and just enjoy it for yourself and maybe, then, you might want to learn more.

Please be aware that your first massage needs to be an hour and half, by the time we sit and talk and then have your shower, and of course have your massage an hour and half just disappears quickly.

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